Liar Liar = Mr. President

Liar Liar = Mr. President

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So we have it on record. Mr. President Gasparovic lied. Personally, I do not believe this was the first time. Since there is presidential election this weekend, media had to pay attention.

At first, to make it clear what I am talking about, here you can watch the first TV debate after the 1st round. And here are articles from my former colleagues from Pravda (online version much worse than the printed one) and another articles from SME (an article and a comment) proving that Mr. President lied. However, all in slovak language, but try to use Google Translate. It might help a bit, if you do not understand much slovak.

Here comes my point – finally. He lied. So what? Had anybody expected something else? Not me. Why? Putting aside his history, for God’s sake, he is a politician! Politicians are lying all the time. And always will. Especially if they want to be re-elected. And this is something they want almost always and are prepared to do everything for it.

Of course, media and analysts should always warn the people about it. But I don’t see any reason to call it a scandal, or unusual event. Just another feature of political reality. Unfortunately…

UPDATE: Another TV debate brought another lies of Mr. President. Together with lack of concentration and loss of memory. Still surprised?

UPDATE2: Normally I would not bother myself with writing something obvious like this. But having the story complete I think it’s worth it: So Mr. Presidetn lies in the first debate. Media and public point at it. He has no shame to go to the second TV debate and lie again. Of course, media do their job and point at it again. And then the last TV debate comes, and guess what? Exactly!!! The same lies. You can see it here.

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