Generation Strike

Generation Strike

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WHILE tens of thousands protesters filled major Spanish cities on Sunday, it were just tens of young people who supported them in Brussels. Rejecting austerity and inspired by the new Spanish movements the demonstrations asked for a “real democracy” and throwing off the rule of oligarchs. And then it all comes to Greece issue after all.

It is not so much difficult to understand the standpoint of the protesting mass. Mostly young people suddenly found themselves in a totally screwed economies. Even the “Right” had to admit that there is a problem of privatising profits, while costs being socialised. The whole generation will be bearing the burden of weak states, lousy public services and slacky growth with all the consequences. Now the fear of the protesters are more than understandable.

However, the biggest problem is that you won’t find arguments in the crowd. The mass is not offering alternatives. To put it in a bit provocative way, these protesters don’t express opinions, they show emotions.

Speaking of Greece, where were the unions when the political elite was milking the state for decades? What did those promoters of new justice do while their government was corrupting voters with undeliverable promises? Why all those thousands of Keynesians did not shout for budget surpluses during the years of growth?

Well, I still think it is a cursed generation on the streets. Most of them just turned twenty and not even possibly could be responsible for the mess that’s imposed on them. But while dreaming of an ideal world they for an unknown reason keep forgetting that real life brings real constraints. And that wealth must be created first before redistributing.

Financial Times explained in an understandable way why protesting Greeks should accept austerity even if they don’t believe it is fair. Simple as it is, this is the best option out of the REAL ones. The other scenarios will be much more severe.

It is useful to remind governments they will be held accountable. And it is also legitimate to express emotions instead of arguments. However, with such an approach at hand, the emotional South can hardly expect the rational North (mainly Germans) to take them and their fears seriously.

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