Cold and Salvation

Cold and Salvation

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If America sneezes, Europe gets cold. This and much more proverbs became the part of writing about the financial crisis. Using the medical terms further, Germans and Britons might suffer from cold and running noses. But looking at small export-oriented countries such as Slovakia and the Baltics, they are facing at least pretty nasty pneumonia (and it can be really nasty I can tell!).

Has our economy also a chance for Ressurection?

I won’t go into much detailed symptoms here (like GDP contraction over 10%, unemployment 15%, etc.). The question is what will cure this disease? The czech president might be right about the cold – 7 days with pills, a week without them. But what in case of a more serious issue? I had the opportunity to talk about this to Mr. Aare Järvan, advisor to estonian PM in the economy and monetary field. His opinion was clear. Just wait and try to do the least stupid things such as selected support of certain industries. Domestic demand, no matter how much subsidized, will not help out. Unfortunately, I have not a chance to talk to slovak PM. I bet my life savings he would come up with  the right answer if he wants. It’s just he doesn’t want yet.

In the end, my idea is a bit out of mainstream. Let me join the chorus of cynics for the moment and make a reader think about this.  In order to prevent similar fall and human tragedy in the future, a man should get back to farming and agriculture. Growing and breeding its own food – what can be more sure? Back to basics, that’s the way. Otherwise, thinking about it on Easter this world will need one huge salvation. By the way, how long does it take a small country to ressurect?

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