Facebook – another temporary distraction?

Facebook – another temporary distraction?

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It’s not only the facebook, first of all. The same argument holds for the other social web nets – just as MySpace, Hi5, and all the others I don’t know. Since the FB is the most used and popular, it’s in the title.

But let me introduce the idea. Everybody knows the fashionable stuff that floods the peoples life from time to time. Sometimes it is a toy that every single child must have, or a fashionable piece of clothing no teenage girl can resist. Is really FB different? Sure, the age group and the purpose vary. But don’t you see the same principle again? Well, the million dollar question now is: How long will be these virtual social nets attract millions of people worldwide?

Let’s put aside the breaking of one’s privacy. In spite of the fact that FB is one of the greatest tool for stalking, the vast majority of internet users are not concerned about the privacy issue. What is then my major argument here? As it folows:  people have been always attracted by something new (btw have you noticed that the most popular net was one of the last on the market?). Which means that the virtual net should develop new gadgets and entertainment elements every now and then, in order to keep folks online. But how far and how long can this go on? Especially now with the global crisis over the shoulders, who will work on the development of the nets for free? Assuming the advertisements and commercials are annoying, irritating and not desired the decline is just a logical result ahead.

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