A Few Comments After

A Few Comments After

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Looking at the unofficial results, the first thought coming to my mind is one person should definitely resign from his position – the director of MVK. A gap of almost 7% with the winner party – that sure is not a statistical error.

As for the results:

Published originally on KOPCSAY.COM, re-published with authors consent

Published originally on KOPCSAY.COM, re-published with authors consent

SMER – congratulations. Seriously. Whatever we might think about the party and PM personally, getting more than in 2006 is THE success. Fortunately for the country, the campaign of SMER was  successful way too much – in its attempt to steal Meciars (and to some extent Slotas) voters.

SDKU – shame on the party. They had 4 years of opposition, thousand scandal bullets to fire at SMER, the global crisis basically on their side… however, SDKU convinced less people than 4 years ago. Radicova would join Haulik on his way to pension, had Slovakia been a normal country. Unfortunately under current circumstances a normal person must hope she becomes a new PM.

SaS – Good job. Although the preferential votes indicate that the party is really one-man based

SMK – this really is the case when one gets what he deserves

HZDS – too much too late

SNS – is it possible to bleed out after crying bloody tears?

An image from Smatanas book cover "Janosici s tezkou hlavou"

As my colleague and friend from university has already said, the results as a whole calls for a nation´s deep self-reflection, not a celebration.  No need to mention that creating a new coalition will be another funny story…

By the way, if you want to see an article and a cartoon deserving STOP (a real censure in the real world) in Pravda daily paper, click here.

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2010/06/13 at 3:08 pm

In my humble opinion quickly will turn out that Radicova’s main weakness during the campaign (her willingness to seek compromises) is her main advantage as a PM for this very unusual coalition. She is simply the best alternative right now.
If I should name the weakest link it’ll be the SaS. Sulik’s party in its current form is an extremely unstable political formation with many new MP’s unable or unwilling to make compromises. Has anyone noticed that the formally autonomous Obycajni ludia obcianske hnutie has four seats within the SaS?


2010/06/13 at 3:10 pm

Sorry, my English is a bit rusty 🙂

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