Language In/Tolerant Nations

Language In/Tolerant Nations

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This might be a bit offensive for somebody. So I am stating this right in the beginning: I am no friend of generalization. What will follow is based only and solely on my personal experience and has no scientific base. On the other hand, since my experience is sharp and blistering in this case, I will make it public. For anybody with different (or the same) opinion, there is a poll below, and an opportunity to discuss.

SITUATION: A large group of international people is at one place, chatting, having fun. All in english. Suddenly two persons find out they are from the same country.  And here it comes.

THE DILEMMA: Should one switch to mother tongue, to show the positive attitude? Or is it better to continue in english, so that nobody could get offended or feel embarrassed?

LANGUAGE  (IN)TOLERANCE: whatever the two persons choose, and I want to make this clear – I am not considering it bad or good. What I am saying is that based on my experience some people are so tolerant they keep going in english. And some don’t. The point here is that determining who is who is strongly connected with the nationality. Through the feeling of patriotism and human cohesion. For the sake of impartiality Slovakia will not be listed in any group.

Group no. 1:  Language TOLERANT Nations – germans, dutch, swedish, dannish, austrian, finns

Group no. 2:  Language INTOLERANT Nations – russians, hungarians, french, spaniards, czechs, italians

NOTE: Wherever in the text, the denomination of a country or nationality reffers only to the people from that given country I have met.

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