Human Rights Activists Beaten Up By Chinese Diplomats

Human Rights Activists Beaten Up By Chinese Diplomats

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For my non-slovak friends, I am posting the short story first, an opinion follows.


Chinese diplomats were active in fight with human rights activists during the president Hu Jintao’s visit to Slovakia, the EU member state. Robert Kalinak, Minister of Interior of Slovak republic to the Parliamentary Committee for Defense and Security: “Obviously they were not well-brought-up people and diplomats.” Ministry has a confirmation from chinese embassy that the men in question were their diplomats, Kalinak added.

The ruffle took place last Thursday, during the first day of Hintao’s visit. Human rights activists and pro-regime camp clashed in front of the presidential palace in Bratislava. Different videos show (see the links hereunder) Chinese men in black suits attacking the activists and stealing their banners. Police, first watching and ignoring the fights, arrested 9 people. However, none of the well-dressed. One member of Falun Gong organization had to seek medical help after being injured.

Despite the several video tapes, the embassy of Chinese sees the incident in a different way. According to the first secretary Gao Hong ,,the activists “… attacked chinese people to disrupt the visit of our president. Their activities should be condemned and punished.“ Chinese national press agency released several articles about the visit, none of them mentioning the demonstration.

Former Minister of Interior, Vladimir Palko disagrees with the Chinese statement: ,,These men acted in an organized way. They are not businessmen with textile.” More opposition MPs indicate that it was chinese secret service. ,,They are communists. Chinese service substituted the slovak state forces on Thursday,” added ex-minister. ,,The investigation showed, who was stealing what and from who, since it is a chinese citizen being prosecuted,“ concluded incumbent minister.


The basic presumption here is that slovak coalition government is composed of pseudo-communist and authoritarian parties. Unfortunately, I must add. With this predisposition it is only it is only natural that these brown-noses wanted to show how friendly slovaks are toward China (Not surprisingly I think that the PM and the President truly admire their regime, but it’s not the point). And human rights activists with their banners on the square just don’t fit into the puzzle.

So the slovak authorities approved, not officialy, of course, the activites of chinese secret service in Bratislava. Regardless of obvious violation of the constitution and other laws.

And this is untolerable, unacceptable, arrogant abuse of power. But what is one supposed to expect from truly-hearted communists? Not much. But at least a brussels voice should have rang out. Dissapointment and rage in every normal person must have multiplied…


Chinese tore off slovak banners (after 2:10min.):

Chinese communists attacking slovak people:

Activist attacked by a chinese in black suit:

Demonstrations and arrests in front of presidential palace:

Chinese president meets Slovak PM on ties:

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