And The Winner Is…

And The Winner Is…

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RANKINGS, awards or the top X moments are usually most discussed issues as the end of year is closer. Some of them are in pictures, another sets offer the best sport moments. With all the modesty, there are some awards that deserve to be granted within the little cute community called “the EU.”

Award for the The Endurance of EU 2010 goes to Estonia. Its persistance in pursuing euro should be an example for all the Europeans. Reaching its goal despite the fact that nothing is the least sure thing as the single currency, that takes guts. Especially impressive is the Estonian government – standing on the euro-chasm edge saying that there’s nothing they want more than falling in.

Imaginary second place was fought out pretty hard by German taxpayers. Award for The Patience of EU 2010 goes to the nation of “Bratwurst” for  saving the PIGS. However, if Angela continues with pumping loads of German money to half of the EU, even the biggest patience might be gone when the elections come.

Choosing the absolute winner was incredibly hard this year, after Mr. Lukashenka and Mr. Orban got to the final round. The only luck Hungarian PM had is the fact that Belarus is not a member state. Yet. And thus award for The Democrat of EU 2010 goes to Viktor Orban and Fidesz for the fierce fight against all the not-directly-elected institutions (like Constitutional court, media, Budget Council, banks,…). Nothing is more democratic than shifting all political power toward the elections winner.

No doubts the upcoming year 2011 will bring us more winners and much more fun.

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